Step up security’s approach to managing our business and future is to invest in the best training programmes for our employees, advanced technology and along with our strategic partners, position us to leverage existing strengths into new opportunities.

Through our core businesses – commercial, industrial and public sector endpoint security and protection, Step Up Security utilise our market leadership position and reputation to accelerate new business growth opportunities. As the security industry matures, we pair new protective learning, practices and procedures with our core solutions to deliver integrated solutions that address evolving customer security needs.

As the threat landscape evolves, Step Up Security will help customers shift to adapt to new protective practices, new thinking and latest technologies – from individual safety to company-wide security compliance. Step Up Security leverages internal training, acquisitions and security innovations to enter new, adjacent markets that are relevant to our long-term strategy.

Best Practices for Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility
As our services portfolio expands, Step Up Security consider the impact of CSR to be an important factor for business strategy. Quality of service and protection of the status quo is not the only thing we and our clientele care about. We need to further understand our contribution to the local communities in which we serve and the environments we protect. For our company, what we deeply care about is a factor for corporate sustainable development.

We provide the most practical toolboxes in this event, including information, ideas and advice designed to help our valued clientele address socio-economic and environmental challenges and integrate CSR into mainstream business practice.

Sustainable Production & Consumption:

  • Sustainable Marketing
  • Environment and Financial Sector

Communication & Transparency:

  • Client Engagement
  • CSR Reporting

Revolutionary Business Models:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Social Inclusion
  • R&D Innovation Networks

Human Capital:

  • Skills for Employability
  • Employee Community Engagement
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