Mobile Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Patrols act as an effective deterrent to protect premises and work well at building sites, schools, factories and car parks.

A cost-effective alternative to static guarding, Step Up Security’s modern fleet of security patrol vehicles provide high visibility and can respond to the protective needs of our customers at a moment’s notice. Depending on the nature of the emergency we can dispatch a highly trained team, which can include a trained guard dog.

An Effective Deterrent to Protecting Premises

Step Up Our Mobile Security Officers are SIA licensed, CRB checked and can visit your premises randomly (or even at pre-defined times) and carry out a full external or internal patrol of your premises or site checking general Security procedures are firmly in place, ensuring windows, doors and gates are locked, and security alarm system are activated.

Protecting Property & Providing Peace of Mind

Prior to the commencement of duties, Step Up Security will undertake a site survey to realistically ascertain your requirements and prepare them into an operational file together with risk assessments and any method statements. We will also provide you with detailed reports of mobile patrols carried out so that you can be confident that the patrols are taking place and you are notified of every incident that may have taken place.

Retail shopping centres and residential communities have unique security needs. Some locations need a constant 24-hour security presence, while others require an officer to patrol a larger area, visiting different places at random times. Both of these security methods are superb at crime and theft prevention, and Step Up Security is in a distinctive position to deliver both types of static and mobile patrol services. Our security officers can guard shopping centres and communities in a quick, quiet and safe manner.

Dog and Handler Security Services

Dog & Handler Service

We can even attend your premises with a Dog and Handler who are perfect for searching premises that may have thieves hiding within the building. We send our highly trained dog in to the building and he/she will escort the suspect out of the building to our handler in a controlled fashion without biting the suspect.

Our dogs will bark loudly and stay with the trespasser/ thief until the Handler ensures they have no weapons and they would then be handed over to the authorities. After which a detailed report will be given to our client.

Why not visit our training facility and see our dogs in action? Alternatively we will happily do a demonstration at your premises, call 0845 006 5050, request a call back or learn more about our Dog and Handler service »

Step Up your Mobile Patrol Security Today

Step Up Security is a leading Security firm servicing businesses across North West England and beyond. We are also one of the most established and successful providers with more than 60 years combined experience within the security industry and Armed Forces.

With an outstanding portfolio of security services, reliable track record and highly competitive prices, Step Up Security know what it takes to protect Industrial and Commercial businesses.

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